The International Shipping and Logistics leader of ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY is an international freight forwarder and customs broker headquartered out of Tripoli that has represented excellence in the transportation logistics industry for more than two decades.

 With personalized service and expert knowledge, ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY has transformed the logistics practices of businesses around the world, making them more efficient, and more profitable. Our dedicated logistics pro’s assuring the optimal transit of valuable freight worldwide.
One of the world’s leading freight forwarders, we have successfully serviced thousands of customers through the internet. From International procurement to full scale logistics charters, ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY is a versatile organization leveraging its global influence to lead projects worldwide.


 When it comes to dealing with LIBYAN Customs, ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY makes imports simple. ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY streamlines the import process for businesses that need shipments right away. Our electronic interface with LIBYAN CUSTOMS system. Customs and other government agencies enables us to expedite your shipment, and clear your cargo through customs prior to its arrival whenever possible. We are continuously updating our system with all changes to customs regulatory procedures, ensuring our customers prompt compliance. In addition to our standard customs services, our customs brokerage department will analyze your shipments and set up deadline for clearance and delivery within 2 hours after shipment arrival.

 ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY offers a wide variety of international import and customs brokerage services designed to suit the needs of businesses worldwide. Our customs brokerage department is connected to Libyan customs authorities offering timely clearance of your goods from ports and airports all across the LIBYAN territory. Our Import department also handles the payment and processing of all duties and tariffs on goods coming into LIBYA, facilitating the ultimate delivery of goods to our customers’ door. ROYAL SHIPPING AGENCY extends special rates and service programs for frequent importers. Our teams of logistics pro’s and customs brokers are on call to handle all your international importing needs.


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